Counsellor, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher. Logan, Springwood, Brisbane, Queensland. Counselling, Holistic Counselling, Life Coaching, Holistic, Yoga, Relationship Counselling, Marriage Counselling, Stress Management, Natural Health.

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Sharon is an mature aged Counsellor and Life Coach with extensive life experience. She has also studied and taught Yoga for over 40 years.  She offers you a unique blend of conventional and holistic approaches, tailored to suit your individual needs.

Are there aspects of your life you would like to change?
Are you ready to make those changes but don't know how?
Talking with a professional can help.

This doesn't mean all your problems can be made to go away, often they can't. Sometimes what is needed is an alternative viewpoint, a way to see things differently.


Vision Statement: 'To work with people who are seeking change, by sharing with them a uniquely holistic approach to life, that allows them to create for themselves a life of fulfilment and personal growth'.


sunshine wattle

Sunshine Wattle

The Australian Bush Flower Essence

 'Optimism and Joyful Expectation'

Life ..........Make it Count!