Counselling gives you a time and place to talk, in a safe nonjudgmental environment so that issues can be worked on, goals can be set, changes can be made. Life can then be lived more fully.

Counselling is a confidential process that allows the past to be acknowledged, the present to be understood so that choices can be made that give a better future.

Sharon's style of counselling is a mixture of several different approaches. The methods used are dependant on the individual wants and needs of the client.

She strongly believes that every person has it within them to change their life for the better and works with them to raise self esteem, find purpose and adopt good stress management techniques.

Registered with ARCAP and a member of ACA. She abides by their professional codes of conduct and fulfills their requirement for continual education and supervision (counselling supervision is talking through counselling issues with an experienced counsellor, who has undergone specific training).

Counselling Issues:

Depression and Anxiety
(mild to medium)

Relationships Issues

Dealing with Emotions
(e.g. fear or anger)

Grief and Loss

Stress Management

Purpose and Direction

Self Esteem Issues

In fact anything that stops you living
life to the full.

Life ..........Make it Count!