Energy and Vibrational Health

All matter is energy, this view is in keeping with current quantum physics and Einstein's proven theory that energy and matter are manifestations of the same thing. This applies to human beings, as well as to all the matter of the universe. Everything comes from the same universal energy whether it be animal, vegetable or mineral.

Eastern philosophy has a long standing belief in an energy system that flows through and sustains the material world. In human beings this energy system is made up of a series of channels that are unseen by the human eye. The energy that runs through them is called prana in the Indian tradition and chi in Chinese tradition. Chakra's are an important part of the 'energy body', the aura is the 'visible glow' that can be seen (with a little practice) by many people. In order to obtain a high level of mental, emotional and physical health the energy system needs to be kept in good working order. Vibrational health is maintained when the energy system is clear, without blockages and the prana/chi flows unimpeded. A supply of good quality prana/chi of the correct vibration is delivered by the chakra's when they are in balance and appropriately open.


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