To define yoga is impossible, it has many aspects and a multitude of styles. To attempt a definition could never do it justice. Yoga is Yoga - unique.

What can Yoga do for You?

  • Improve physical strength and flexibility
  • Improve the immune response, respiration, circulation and lymphatic function
  • Remove physical and mental tension by improving stress management
  • Bring about true relaxation and improved sleep patterns
  • Raise self esteem, give clarity of thought and help find the purpose in life
  • Help to create harmony, peace, joy and contentment


Pranayama Yoga

Pranayama Yoga the 'Yoga for Relaxation'. This is a 'soft' yoga, it has a gentle approach and is suitable for people that want a more traditional and philosophical style of yoga.

This particular form of yoga teaches relaxation of the mind and body, it promotes the elimination of mental and physical tension and gives the ability to face life without physical or mental fatigue.

Yogi Krishna lived in Benares (Varanasi) India more than 6,00 years ago. Because of family commitments he was unable to leave the city to live in seclusion, as the other yogi's of the time were doing, so he developed a yoga that is as relevant today as it was all those thousands of years ago.

This form of yoga was introduced to England by Yogini Sunita Cabral in 1959. Sharon has studied and taught this style of yoga for over 40 years, in England, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Sharon teaches Pranayama yoga on

Monday evenings 7.15 - 8.45.

 Yurana Activities Hall, 129 Dennis Rd, Springwood.


Pranayama yoga incorporates a unique sequence of:


Breath Control 

Deep Relaxation



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